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Lung Nodules & Masses

Lung Nodules & Masses services offered in the East Tennessee Region.

Learning you have lung nodules or masses can feel overwhelming. However, these lung growths are fairly common and usually non-cancerous. At StatCare, the lung specialists have extensive experience diagnosing lung nodules and masses using advanced imaging technologies. When needed, the physicians can treat bothersome growths with surgery to ease symptoms like wheezing and shortness of breath. Call the office in Oak Ridge, Athens, or Knoxville, Tennessee, to learn more about the available services for lung nodules and masses, or book an appointment online today. 

Lung Nodules & Masses Q&A

What are lung nodules and masses?

Lung nodules and masses are abnormal growths that can develop on your lungs. These growths are typically benign (non-cancerous), but some growths can increase your risk for lung cancer.


Lung nodules

Lung nodules describe growths that are less than three centimeters in diameter. Different types of benign lung nodules include hamartomas, bronchial adenomas, and papillomas.


Lung masses

Growths that are larger than three centimeters are known as masses.

There are many reasons why you may develop lung nodules or masses, including smoking, inflammation, and bacterial, viral, or fungal infections. You can also develop benign lung nodules and masses for no identifiable reason.

What are the symptoms of lung nodules and masses?

Many people have lung nodules and masses without any symptoms and only learn of them during testing for other conditions.

If the growths are large enough, you might experience symptoms like:

  • Long-lasting mild cough
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing up blood

If you have any of these issues, StatCare offers on-site chest X-rays and other diagnostic imaging tests to locate lung nodules or masses.

The pulmonary specialists may also perform a bronchoscopy to remove a sample of tissue from the growth. During that test, your provider inserts a scope with an attached camera into your mouth and down into your lungs to collect tissue.

How are lung nodules and masses treated?

Many benign lung nodules and masses don’t require treatment. Your StatCare provider continues to monitor your lung health over time to ensure the growths aren’t increasing in size.

If you have a large mass that interferes with your lung function, you may need surgery to remove it. Surgery might be necessary if you have persistent breathing difficulties, chest pain, or you cough up blood. You might also need surgery if you smoke or have other risk factors for lung cancer.

Following surgery to remove a benign lung nodule or mass, you won’t need any additional treatment. However, your provider continues to monitor your lung health. If your surgeon removes a cancerous mass, you might need additional treatments like radiation or chemotherapy to destroy any remaining cancerous cells. 

To schedule an evaluation for lung nodules and masses, call the StatCare office near you or book an appointment online today.