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Since 1999, StatCare has been providing high-quality, personalized pulmonary and sleep medicine services to adults in and around Knoxville, Oak Ridge, and Athens, Tennessee. The practice is one of the largest privately held hospitalist and pulmonary services groups in the nation and has accreditation from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) as a certified center of excellence for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. 

With a focus on improving patient experience and treatment outcomes, the board-certified physicians take an evidence-based approach to care. They also value the importance of patient education to empower individuals to stay in control of their health.

StatCare offices feature advanced diagnostic technologies to identify conditions like pulmonary fibrosis, lung nodules and masses, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The providers customize treatment plans using lifestyle changes, medications, and other non-surgical therapies to improve lung function and resolve symptoms like shortness of breath, wheezing, and fatigue.

The StatCare sleep clinic can address daytime sleepiness, cognitive issues, and other symptoms of sleep apnea, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. The outpatient sleep clinic provides resources like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask fittings and referrals for dental appliances to improve nighttime breathing.

StatCare providers are always striving to improve the patient experience. They offer in-office evaluations and can also meet with patients in nursing homes, hospitals, and other care settings. The providers serve as a communication bridge between primary care providers and specialists to ensure patients have the continuous care they deserve.

In addition to scheduled appointments, StatCare offers after-hours assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to address medical emergencies.

To schedule a consultation at StatCare, call the office near you or book an appointment online today.



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GREAT care team. The receptionist, nurse, x-ray tech and Katie ,NP were kind, professional and communicated well. The STAT team have always provided me with excellent care and recovery.
BRENDA C. | Feb 04, 2023
Listened to patient needs, professional caring
PAUL F. | Feb 03, 2023
Megan Ross has come runnin to my every need and Has helped me in so many ways that you just cannot believe how wonderful stat care really really is even doctor Shaw hes trying so hard for me and I really appreciate it God-bless all of you
TERRY N. | Feb 03, 2023
Very knowledgeable. The best there is.
ARNOLD B. | Feb 02, 2023
Ms. Johnson was professional and answered all my questions.
GLORIA P. | Feb 02, 2023
I love Katie she is very nice takes time to listen and answer my questions
MARY W. | Feb 02, 2023
Your office is responsive to a patient’s needs. In my experience it is a unique occurrence that a call to the nurse line was returned the same day! Everyone from the person answering the phone, the nurse taking the patient information to set up the TeleHealth call, to the excellent NP who provided the TeleHealth appointment deserve a gold star. What mattered was that as a patient, my need was heard and treatment provided. Unfortunately in my experience, this is not the usual response received. Thank you for your kindness, r
PAULA A. | Feb 02, 2023
Stat Care always has prompt call backs !! You leave a message, they call back ! Very efficent
SHEILA S. | Feb 02, 2023
As always , very helpful and courteous staff. Danielle is very knowledgeable and addresses my needs . Top notch , I highly recommend her and her staffs
KEVIN L. | Feb 01, 2023
Great lady and physician
CHARLES L. | Jan 31, 2023
Danielle is the best. She always takes time and listens to my concerns. She works hard to find out what my health issue is and treats it.
BOBBY K. | Jan 31, 2023
Very prompt getting an appointment. Danielle, as always, gave an exam and found out my health issues!
BOBBY K. | Jan 31, 2023
Doctor Byrd explained everything very clearly and answered any questions.
JACK R. | Jan 31, 2023
I'll be glad to let anybody know about Charles about my visit it was very good
JAMES C. | Jan 30, 2023
Knowledgeable Patient Great listener and doctor.
LACYNDA H. | Jan 30, 2023
She actually took the time to explain my issues and what I might expect in the future. She treated me with respect and kindness and I will continue to seek her expertise in the future.
MARY M. | Jan 30, 2023
I love Dr Byrd. I really feel she cares for my health and understands my personality. She is very friendly and an absolute delightful person. Her staff are helpful and through. I have already recommended her to someone.Thank you, Susan Leinart Poe, Karns, TN
SUSAN P. | Jan 28, 2023
My experience is that she really cares about the patient. She is easy to communicate with.
TOMMY H. | Jan 28, 2023
Very professional and knowledgeable Dr. Byrd explain things where I could understand
JEFFREY H. | Jan 27, 2023
Great doctor, she talks to you in a way to make you understand the issues. She doesn’t use doctor language that I don’t understand.
BILLY F. | Jan 27, 2023
Excellent doctor
JAMES R. | Jan 27, 2023
Very professional and caring, very informative
JIMMY L. | Jan 27, 2023
Great experience with Dr Prince and nurse practitioner Danielle Mott. My care was a top priority with them. I would recommend them to anyone who is searching for an awesome team.
MARY D. | Jan 26, 2023
Dr Byrd was great. She is a great communicator We were very pleased with the way she explained everything.
CHARLIE C. | Jan 26, 2023
Danielle was very professional and courteous. She was knowledgeable and kind and put me at ease.
JUDY D. | Jan 26, 2023
RAYMOND S. | Jan 26, 2023
Danielle and Dr Prince are wonderful, They helped me through a rough time.
DEBORAH H. | Jan 26, 2023
Pleasant staff and straight forward discussions. Very professional also.
ALLAN W. | Jan 25, 2023
Very good I love these people
SUE S. | Jan 25, 2023
Mote and Dr. Prince are amazing. Mote listens and is understanding and compassionate. She is also uplifting. She and Dr Prince are thorough and knowledgeable Highly recommend.
LINDA D. | Jan 25, 2023
Great care service, smiling friendly staff.
MARGARET L. | Jan 25, 2023
Very pleasant provider. Listened to what my concerns were and what my goals would be in future.
SUSAN P. | Jan 25, 2023
Your nurses doctors and assistants are absolutely the best. Office staff and Danielle Mote is the very best. They care
WILLIAM B. | Jan 24, 2023
Checked in with very little wait. Taken back quickly. Had to wait a few minutes for Dr Byrd.. everyone was very friendly. Pleasant visit.
ROBERT D. | Jan 23, 2023
Everyone was so patient and kind to this slow 81 year old! Just a pleasant doctor visit. Never felt rushed and my doctor answered all of my questions. Would recommend to anyone.
BETTY S. | Jan 22, 2023
Danielle is wonderful, she explains my condition in a way that we understand. Also, even when things are not so good, you know that she will be doing everything possible to help. We would highly recommend anyone to see her for treatment. Ben Maples
BEN M. | Jan 21, 2023
Dr Byrd is The Best. Professional, she understands exactly what is going on with my situation. She is funny, she is caring and I am so Thankful that Dr Byrd is my Dr!!!
DEBORAH A. | Jan 21, 2023
I always get the best care here!!!
PRISCILLA S. | Jan 20, 2023
I am so thankful for this Pulmonologist and the office staff! They really care about their patients and are prompt in responding, pleasant and encouraging!
MARY H. | Jan 20, 2023
The staff from checking in to checking out were very professional and caring
MARTHA M. | Jan 20, 2023
Professional staff. Punctual and completed process quickly and thoroughly. Answered any questions I had. Good experience
MICHAEL B. | Jan 18, 2023
Enjoyed visit with Dr Byrd
ANN P. | Jan 18, 2023
Was very well satisfied with the staff to patient interaction through out the visit.
TONY M. | Jan 17, 2023
Dr Byrd is awesome. She is professional,friendly and informative. The wait was short and the office staff and nurse were all friendly.
BARBARA D. | Jan 17, 2023
She’s very personable and interested in the patient and trying to help with any issues. Most of all she listens which to me is important. Would recommend her absolutely!
KATHERINE P. | Jan 17, 2023
5 Stars +++ I felt 100% better when I left.
RITA T. | Jan 17, 2023
If I could have her as my primary doctor I would keep her. She helped me a lot during my visit today. I would want her to be my doctor if I could
CURTIS B. | Jan 16, 2023
Caring, professional, very efficient.
CAROLYN H. | Jan 15, 2023
I was very happy with my appointment with Katie! She was very thorough and felt good when I left!
VICTORIA H. | Jan 14, 2023
Danielle has been taking care of me and my health for the last 15 years and I cannot say enough how much I love her. I am a SEVERE asthmatic and she is the only person I’ve ever seen for my asthma that I really trust and feel 100% understands me and the symptoms I face. I cannot express my gratitude that I get to come to her when I need her and she never lets me down!!! <3
JENNIFER R. | Jan 12, 2023
Danielle is such a sweet, caring, soft sopken, passionate young lady! I'm always so happy to see her! She makes me feel there's hope in recovering from my lung issues. She's an amazing doctor and educates me on everything going on with me. She answers my questions and talks me through what my next course of actions are going to be. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a Pulmonary Dr.
DELLA W. | Jan 12, 2023
I am always taken care of, and treated with the kindest regard and understanding when I am at the office.
KIMBERLY O. | Jan 12, 2023
Great PA and nurses. They are professional and extremely knowledgeable
MARY B. | Jan 12, 2023
Time after time Danielle is the best and I feel so lucky to her managing my respiratory challenges.
JOSEPH F. | Jan 11, 2023
They worked with my schedule which most doctors don’t. Everyone is patient oriented That’s rare these days
BARBARA E. | Jan 11, 2023
Danielle always makes sure your questions are answered, your concerns met. She’s a great asset to the practice.
KAREN S. | Jan 11, 2023
Danielle is great She listens and does not seem in a hurry. Much appreciated in a practitioner.
DEBORA S. | Jan 10, 2023
I was very impressed with the service I had received at Stat Care. It was my first visit with Katie Johnson NP. She had a excellent Bedside manor. She took her time to explain everything to me in detail. And very pleasant.
PATRICIA D. | Jan 08, 2023
She spent a long amount of time w me and I appreciate her empathy and clear understanding of medicine.
ELIZABETH B. | Jan 07, 2023
Every person was kind, efficient, and caring. Dr. Byrd spent time explaining the scan, and then offered a plan of action that I understood.
JANICE V. | Jan 07, 2023
It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Johnson listened and understood what I was looking for. She gave great advice and was very helpful
TIMOTHY V. | Jan 06, 2023
She showed more interest in getting to cause of problems to make me better
ALICE M. | Jan 06, 2023
Danielle is always great. She listens and is thorough.
CANDACE R. | Jan 05, 2023
JUDY H. | Jan 05, 2023
Very prompt, and thorough
PAMELA R. | Jan 03, 2023
Danielle Mote is a wonderful NP, who always takes the time to listen to any concerns I might have. Highly recommended!
LENORE G. | Jan 03, 2023
Video appointment, care giver was kind, attentive and seemed very knowledgeable.
DEBRA F. | Jan 02, 2023
Great doctor. Very knowledgeable took her time with answered allot questions
MARILYN C. | Dec 30, 2022
Despite the wait on Thursday, I understand things happen that Doctor’s have no control over!! I love Dr. Byrd, she explains things in a way you can understand!! I am so glad she is my doctor!! Cheryl Rolen
CHERYL R. | Dec 30, 2022
Danielle was very thorough and patient in her explanations. She took the time to make sure I received the best care possible. I would highly recommend her and StatCare. The entire staff was pleasant
PEGGY B. | Dec 30, 2022
Followup with O2 cert. No surprises. Great conversation.
PATRICK H. | Dec 29, 2022
Seen in a timely manner serves was on point nurses we're very nice
REGINA C. | Dec 29, 2022
JOHN M. | Dec 28, 2022
Dr Byrd always takes time to explain everything to me. She is so thorough with me. I’m pleased with the nurse practitioner that I saw one time also. So glad that I chose Dr Byrd for my pulmonologist. 5 stars for sure!!
LORETTA P. | Dec 27, 2022
Great advice. Answered questions so we could understand.
JOYCE W. | Dec 26, 2022
It was wonderful to find a Dr that was knowledgeable about sarcoidosis.
VAKISHA H. | Dec 26, 2022
Very timely and professional.
ROY L. | Dec 25, 2022
Login was well executed, only a short wait for Dr. Byrd. Dr. Byrd was well prepared…well, one small glitch but irrelevant. Our discussion was what I expect; lots of information passed back and forth. I’m very thankful to have Dr. Byrd on my side!
KEITH L. | Dec 23, 2022
Appointment was on time and everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. My test and medicine were clearly explained . Very professional and personal staff. Highly recommended Statcare ! Danielle is always concerned about my health and has a plan for my well being .
KEVIN L. | Dec 23, 2022
Dr Shannon Bird is the best.
RICHARD P. | Dec 22, 2022
Danielle was great. She took time to give me the details and offered advice for the future. Highly recommend StatCare.
REID K. | Dec 22, 2022
ALWAYS professional, efficient, personal and caring!!!
CAROLYN H. | Dec 22, 2022
Waiting too long for Dr but I really like her. Over all it was very good.
EVELYN D. | Dec 21, 2022
VALARIE S. | Dec 20, 2022
Dr Byrd went over a ct scan and was very detailed in her explanation
MICHAEL E. | Dec 20, 2022
Very pleasant and no waiting. Made my day.
BETTY J. | Dec 19, 2022
Through and helpful
J S. | Dec 18, 2022
I'm very pleased with Dr. Byrd and the staff at Statcare.
MELISSA M. | Dec 18, 2022
Easy check in. Very good staff and great physicians and its staff.
SUDHIR P. | Dec 17, 2022
Made my day. Everyone was wonderful plus Danielle Mote, NP was so nice and c Caring. I highly recommend them.
BETTY J. | Dec 17, 2022
As always Dr. Byrd seem to have all the time in the world to talk to me, which I know was probably not the case. I never feel she is rushing to get to the next patient.
JANE W. | Dec 16, 2022
Dr Bryd is very conscientious, caring Pulmonologist
PAMELA K. | Dec 16, 2022
we are always pleased with the care at Stat Care
CHARLES W. | Dec 15, 2022
Insightful, caring, excellent.
WARREN S. | Dec 15, 2022
ELIAS A. | Dec 14, 2022
Answered all questions
REGINA S. | Dec 14, 2022
I love seeing Dr Shannon Byrd. She is caring, energetic, and easy to talk to. She understands my health situation very well. The staff is very nice and courteous, too. My only disappointment is the long wait once I am in the examination office. This particular visit I was asked to come in earlier than my scheduled appt. I got there about 15 minutes early. I was called into the examination room almost immediately where I had my vitals taken. But I was waiting in there another 40 minutes before seeing Dr Byrd.
KAREN D. | Dec 14, 2022
Danielle is very kind, knowledgeable and professional! I never felt rushed! I felt like she cared!
CRYSTAL B. | Dec 14, 2022
Kind. Clear.
JANET P. | Dec 13, 2022
NITA P. | Dec 13, 2022
Very professional teamwork. Pleased with Dr and staff
DOUGLAS M. | Dec 12, 2022
Very helpful and caring
LARRY H. | Dec 12, 2022
I love Dr. Byrd. She has brought me a long way with the medical care she has prescribed for me. She cares about me!
LINDA C. | Dec 12, 2022
No wait, listens to you, great care
DAVID G. | Dec 12, 2022
Everyone was really nice .
MARY A. | Dec 10, 2022
danielle is awesome!! she actually cares. she listens and she explains well. very sweet and compassionate.
CYNTHIA D. | Dec 10, 2022
Great atmosphere and communication. Thanks
THOMAS L. | Dec 09, 2022
Listened to my concerns
DOLORES W. | Dec 09, 2022
I felt as if I was in the doctors office while sitting comfortably in my recliner. She was respectful and tried to get me medicine that I could afford. Very professional.
NANCY W. | Dec 09, 2022
So professional and a wonderful experience. I felt she answered all my questions
JUDY N. | Dec 08, 2022
Excellent in all aspects.
JAMES P. | Dec 08, 2022
She was knowledgeable and informative.
VEDA K. | Dec 08, 2022
Great experience, and was very helpful
DOROTHY H. | Dec 07, 2022
Very pleasant practice
DAVID C. | Dec 07, 2022
Great. Service. & personel. Just awful. Long. Wait. Compared to. Previous
DAVID H. | Dec 07, 2022
Friendly and caring staff
EDNA H. | Dec 06, 2022
In and out in no time, I get Answeres to all my questions Makes changes does what needs to be done. I like there us an exray machine at the office. Just all around Great experience from Doctors to Nurses to check in people.
BETHANY H. | Dec 03, 2022
LORA W. | Dec 03, 2022
Dr Byrd is a greatest dr
LIGIA S. | Dec 02, 2022
she was great i felt very comfortable she really knows what she is doing
ROBERT G. | Dec 02, 2022
Danielle was caring and attentive to my problem. She always shows compassion when dealing with me.
JANET P. | Nov 30, 2022
Very good
ALAN B. | Nov 25, 2022
Everyone is very friendly and interested in my general health. The wait is not as bad as in some specialists offices! Dr Byrd is very nice and spends a lot of time with me and is never in a rush. She seems kind and very concerned about my care and isn’t at all afraid to tell me what to do to help myself improve! I like her very much! I will recommend her for everyone l know with pulmonary issues. Thank you, Susan Poe, Karns, TN
SUSAN P. | Nov 19, 2022
Seen on a timely manner, very professional. listens to patient
THOMAS J. | Nov 18, 2022
Convenient, professional, great doctors and personnel. They take care of you!
JEANNE S. | Nov 18, 2022
Treated very well and very professionally
PAMELA Z. | Nov 17, 2022
Awesome. Learned a lot.
RHONDA V. | Nov 17, 2022
Good visit. Everyone always so nice and concerned. They take good care of their patients Very good and efficient caring staff
VIOLET C. | Nov 17, 2022
Excellent! The doctor and her staff are so informative and personable. I always look forward to seeing them!
JUDITH R. | Nov 15, 2022
CHARLES K. | Nov 10, 2022
Really like the people that work there doctors excellent love them all
ROBERT N. | Nov 03, 2022
CHARLES K. | Nov 02, 2022
My Mother(ERMA) was impressed with his thoroughness, the time he spent with her, and his compassion. I was also thankful for his bedside manner, and, more importantly, he changed my mother's drugs which has made her feel better.
ERMA M. | Oct 31, 2022
Staff was very nice and helpful, Dr Estes was very informative, professional and caring.
DEBRA M. | Oct 28, 2022
Everyone is kind and professional. Dr Estes takes time and is a wonderful doctor.
LETHA F. | Oct 27, 2022
They take care of you
HARLAN L. | Oct 24, 2022
He listens to what I have to say and he explains everything clearly to where I can understand. He is very busy, but he is worth the wait. He does not rush me through our visits. I am very thankful for him and his knowledge of what is going on with my lungs.
PAMELA R. | Oct 22, 2022
Great As always
BETTY R. | Oct 20, 2022
Great care
MARGARET W. | Oct 20, 2022
The Staff is pleasant and cheerful very helpful in the care they provide.
TRACY C. | Oct 18, 2022
NORMA R. | Oct 18, 2022
Excellent first visit. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable of their specific areas. Dr. Took his time to explain my X-ray and our future procedure for this problem.
ROBERT S. | Oct 17, 2022
Very thorough and helpful. No rushing.
BERTHA L. | Oct 08, 2022
I was treated with upmost respect from all staff members. Dr. Estes was very thorough and was not in any hurry to dismiss us. He explained everything so I understood what he was going to do.
BRENDA B. | Oct 07, 2022
Waiting time good, nice environment. Understanding of texts that's I need And explain well and in detail . Giving the choice to decide what to do in my situation concerning medication, treatment, texted.
IVORY J. | Oct 05, 2022
From start to finish the ladies were awesome. Very friendly & thoughtful. Thank you
KRISTEN M. | Oct 04, 2022
Everyone is very professional and very kind. Dr Estes I wonderful.
JANIS B. | Oct 03, 2022
Physician very thorough. Good explanation of disease and treatment. Directions given to pharmacy confusing. Caused delay.
BRENDA T. | Sep 30, 2022
The Best! I have seen Dr. Byrd for years and absolutely adore her! I feel so confident that I will always have the best care.
Melissa R. | Aug 10, 2022
Our experience with this office is very positive. The nurses and Dr. Estes were not in a hurry and very nice.
Jim M. | Aug 10, 2022