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Service Excellence

As StatCare looks to the future, it is imperative we never lose sight of our commitment to service. It all begins and ends with the care we provide our customers.  
Service Excellence is where perception and expectation converge to produce an outstanding service outcome. Positive experiences imply that the service has met a patient’s basic needs and expectations. StatCare believes it is when these expected care needs are surpassed, the experience becomes memorable due to the presence of an unexpected positive interaction. Sometimes, these can be found in a smile, a positive remark, random acts of kindness or the additional effort by going the extra mile. Service excellence does not just pertain to direct caregivers, it involves everyone who works within our organization.
StatCare has developed the following Standards of Excellence to guide us in achieving and maintaining Service Excellence. Our goal is to embody these Standards to exceed our patient-care expectations. We believe we have done this by identifying the specific attitudes and actions that are essential to providing quality service.
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Patient Satisfaction

The perfect patient experience means the patient comes first — above all else. We work in conjunction with healthcare organizations to implement and sustain a patient-centered approach that will improve patient care and outcomes. 
Patient satisfaction is more than just simply treating the patient; it takes into account the entire patient experience. Realizing the need to stay on the forefront of advances in patient care, we continue to evolve with the changing expectations of patient satisfaction. It is important for us to invite the patient to participate in the plan of care on their road to better health. We take the time to listen and engage each patient by answering all of their questions, as well as their family’s questions.

Healthcare Quality

When it comes to quality, StatCare will accept nothing less than excellence.

What Does “Quality” Health Care Mean?

StatCare believes quality healthcare is an expectation that the care provided will meet or surpass the current care and treatment options available. This means the care you receive is outstanding and specific to your health needs. Additionally, it means you receive the knowledge and education to improve your health. We work closely with healthcare organizations to identify areas where there are opportunities to improve patient care and quality outcomes. 
StatCare is committed to this by basing our care decisions on the latest evidence-based medical research regarding which types of care or treatment works best. Although each patient is different, research has shown that some types of care tend to get better results than others. Providing skilled and knowledgeable professionals who give you personalized attention. 
We treat you with respect, listen carefully, and give explanations you can understand. We listen to your questions and involve you in making decisions about your care. Maintaining confidentiality regarding your care and personal health information. We work with other health professionals to provide you superior care while maintaining your confidentiality as required by HIPAA. Providing efficient and knowledgeable care as determined by your diagnosis and by consultation with any provider caring for you. StatCare works closely with healthcare organizations and their leadership to continually assess and identify areas to improve care. These quality initiatives are created to elevate your care experience and improve your outcomes.