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Inpatient Services

Inpatient Services services offered in the East Tennessee Region.

Hospitalists – Internal Medicine

StatCare Hospitalists are physicians whose primary focus is the general medical care of the hospitalized patient. This allows us to dedicate our time and energy to provide comprehensive and efficient inpatient medical care, 24/7/365. We have the opportunity to personally respond to our patients and their families promptly. We are familiar with key hospital personnel and can anticipate and facilitate care from admission through discharge, including:

  • Interacting with the ER physicians and staff
  • Interacting with subspecialty and surgical consultants
  • Interacting with discharge planners, case management, social workers, clergy, and our ancillary services
  • Coordinating/facilitating operative and procedural services

We are able to facilitate and improve post-acute care needs for the patient through communication with primary care providers as well as coordinating the appropriate post-discharge care services such as home health, specialized rehabilitation, and other home services.

At StatCare, our focus is to bring the best providers from across the nation to build the most comprehensive Hospitalist Program available. We make patient care our number one priority. Our Hospitalists strive for excellence in care and patient satisfaction. We work with our coverage facilities to promote a “best practices” mentality in our daily operations. We work independent of and in consultation with our Pulmonary Critical Care Intensivists.

Pulmonary & Critical Care Intensivists

The StatCare Pulmonary Critical Care Intensivists provide care for patients who are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, as well as are board certified in critical care medicine. Our team of intensivists are onsite 24/7/365 to provide a very high level of postoperative and intensive care to patients.

National statistics show patients in hospitals with an Intensivist Program have improved outcomes and shorter hospital stays. With an increasing number of treatment options available, managing critically ill patients is a complex process, making Intensivists an added resource for our Hospitalist team of physicians.

Intensivists are a key component to critical care. We provide leadership to the members of the critical care team while treating patients with continuous and consistent care, addressing subtle changes to a patient’s clinical conditions immediately.

Benefits associated with the use of a StatCare intensivist:

  • Improved outcomes
  • Reduced Intensive Care Unit (ICU) length of stay
  • Fewer clinical and procedural complications
  • Reduced costs
  • Fewer adverse events
  • Improved patient, family, private physician, and staff satisfaction
  • Focus on patient safety
  • Decrease in hospital acquired infection
  • Appropriate placement of patients in the correct level of care

Advanced Practice Providers – Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Recognized as one of the largest Advanced Practice Providers (APP) programs in the country, our group continues to set the standard. Our APPs enhance patient care and efficiency for the Hospitalists and Intensivists.

The Inpatient APP program provides services such as admissions, daily follow-up care, and discharging patients from the hospital. These patients include acute, skilled, and rehab patients. In addition to assisting our Hospitalists, our APPs work in conjunction with our Pulmonary Critical Care Intensivists by assisting in the management of pulmonary patients.

Our APPs responsibilities include rounding, participating in team meetings, being aware of all patients’ treatment plans, documenting findings in patient charts, assigning patients to on-call staff, assessing and managing medications, ordering and reviewing lab tests or other diagnostic tests, coordinating patient transitions, and providing preceptor education to clinical students. Our APPs work alongside our physicians to discuss care plans and ensure all patient care needs are identified and attended to.

Hospitalists – Internal Medicine