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About Kamran Boka, MD, MS

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Kamran Boka, MD, MS

Meet Dr. Kamran Boka, MD

Meet Dr. Kamran Boka, MD

Dr. Kamran Boka has been with StatCare practicing pulmonary and critical care medicine since 2019. He completed his medical training in Detroit, Michigan, including an internship and residency in internal medicine at St. John Hospital & Medical Center, now Ascension, and his pulmonary critical care medicine fellowship from Henry Ford Health System. Dr. Boka previously practiced pulmonary and critical care medicine at a large academic university center, where his responsibilities included attending to critically ill patients in various subspecialty ICUs, maintaining his pulmonary clinic, and educating medical residents, pulmonary and critical care fellows, and medical students.

His special interests include bedside critical care medicine, point-of-care ultrasound, community medical education, and electronic-ICU.

Dr. Boka's approach to patients has been and continues to be compassionate bedside care; he performs this thorough in-depth empathic discussions with patients and their families. By conducting multidisciplinary rounding styles, he engages families, nurses, and critical care support teams on his rounds. Since practicing in academics, he continues to be a passionate educator who believes in a dedicated effort of further educating junior physicians and advanced practice practitioners on how to listen to patients, their needs, and desires, and that technology should only be used to augment and supplement the human touch.

He has consulted, led, and directed efforts on how to use social media in medicine and the education and practice of bedside critical care ultrasound (POCUS) at different programs. Among earning excellence in teaching awards, Dr. Boka has been nominated Physician of the Year and has won the honor of Top Doctors. He has held the national section editorial board position of Social Media Co-Editor for CHEST and its CHEST journal. He is a member of CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) and the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Dr. Boka spends his free time creating art through ink and digital media. He enjoys fitness, cooking, and spending time with his family.